Blanche Evridge
Blanche Evridge

This is what my momma taught to me...Love those babies!

Course, Daddy's always been kinda soft in the heart, and thinks there's nothing more important in the world than babies.... especially his. These are some of his Great-Grandkids, my grandchildren (with me.) Taken 2002. (L to R boys: Tren Dinius and Colten Kruzel) (L to R girls: Samantha Jo Falck and Katlin Joe Kruzel) Both girls have their great-granny's middle name, which really was spelled Joe because her father filled out the birth certificate in 1930.

A new Grandson without all of the months of waiting, and the rough labor routine!! Nathan Archambault, son of Michael Johnson, former son-in-law.

This child, Alexander, has the kind of parents that photographers love--yes, he is the perfect model, but also--his momma and daddy have to buy ONE of each pose!--My newest Grandson. Mmmm.



Momma Betty J Tidball Evridge & Joshua Damasius Braaten 

The Good Lord must have known Mom needed someone small 

To hold & love while waiting for her kin to get the call

So Jesus chose our Joshy--our joy and special pride

To fill her lonely moments til we cross the Great Divide

And when we finally make it--we'll laught to see those two--

Cuz Josh will be a Cowboy--like Great-Granny, who's one, too.