Blanche Evridge
Blanche Evridge OR

These are old photos of my Maternal Grandparents, Watson Heston Tidball and Anna Marion Paulson Tidball. They homesteaded in NW South Dakota in the early 1900's on Black Horse Ranch. Granddad was later named to the South Dakota Cowboy and Western Heritage Hall of Fame. In their lifetimes, they amassed landholdings of appx. 30,000 Acres of deed & lease.

Awesome to consider nowadays.

The BRYSON WOMEN from Millersview, Texas. On the right top is Blanche Minerva Bryson--destined to marry Frank Ingram Evridge--my father's parents. John Bryson, father of the above, owned land from Comanche County to Concho County, Texas - tens of thousands of acres. He was murdered in one of his bunk houses while resting from a day of hard work. The killer was never named or prosecuted, but there are several good ideas as to the guilty party. Pic taken in the 40's.

Frank Ingram Evridge, my Paternal Grandfather, married to Blanche Bryson seen above. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, as he died some years before I was born, but I've enjoyed the beautiful Rock Home he built for my Nanny in Millersview, Texas. It is still standing as grand as ever, with different owners who are generous in showing off the home they feel lucky to own.

My father, Neil Hale Evridge.

--Now you understand why I fell in love with "Cowboys" at a very young age!!

His motto "Never say never"--all he needed was a hammer, a wrench, a rope and perhaps some bailing wire--and he could fix anything.

He turned 81 healthy years of age in 2007.


(Deceased 2011; sadly missing your humor and quick wit, but hoping your energy has rejoined our mother.)

My mother's graduation picture.

--And now you understand why my father fell in love with her. And she could ride a horse with the best of them!!

Mother said she fell in love with Daddy at first sight...actually having a letter from a current beau flutter from her hands to the floor when she met him.

That smile. That heart. We miss you.

Betty Joe Tidball
1930 - 1993

My sisters, the Evridge Girls, shown here at rural Meadow or Athboy, South Dakota, as it was earlier called until the post office closed. Neal Ann on the left, I'm in the middle, and Virginia (Gina) is on the right.

And the baby of the family--Charlie--taken from a picture of our "Nanny's" Birthday Party, Athboy, South Dakota appx. 1962